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Looking to Drive with Bison? What kind of position are you looking for?


At Bison, Drivers are more than just Drivers. They’re heroes in their own right . Their journeys include meaningful work and have a positive impact in the communities we live in each and every day.

As a professional Driver at Bison, you’ll have everything you need to drive your future. And you won’t do it alone. You’ll gain a fleet of support from every corner of our privately-held company to help you succeed. Most importantly, we put your safety first. You’ll have reliable equipment, efficient technology and endless support – so you can get home to what matters most. And with a variety of renowned clients and the ability to choose your lane, you can achieve more mile after mile.



Our wheels are always turning to keep you safe. That’s why we give Owner-Operators and our highly trained Drivers the Right To Decide if it’s safe to drive – whether facing unfavourable road conditions or fatigue. As part of North America’s safest fleet, you’ll have reliable equipment and efficient technology to help you get home to what matters most.



As we continue to grow, someone’s always here to help you. We make it a priority to stay connected, share ideas and treat each other like family. It’s all part of our award-winning culture. From our Driver Advisory Board to our 24/7 Live Support, we listen and work together to drive smart solutions.



As a privately-held company with one of the largest fleets in the industry, we never stop moving. We have state-of-the-art equipment, top-notch amenities and great people who’ve helped us build strong relationships with prestigious clients. And with a reputation like that, comes steady miles and the highest earning power around – so you can be confident that we’re in it for the long haul.



Working with us will put you in the driver's seat – in more ways than one. Whether you're a new Driver, a Million Miler or an Owner Operator, we offer a variety of options that’ll suit your goals and lifestyle. After all, we know that your life isn’t all on the road. That’s why we make it easy for you to find the right balance.



2018's North American Driver of the Year and the first Canadian woman to earn that title. Ester has trained dozens of professional women Drivers and is a strong advocate for the industry. 


Meet Cass! Her journey started on a recommendation from a friend and ultimately led to her driving LCV for Bison Transport and having some incredible wild life encounters!  


Not only does driving connect brands to consumers, it brings people and communities together. Staying connected to friends and family is the driving force behind Jaswinder's love for trucking. 


Follow @GoProTrucker to learn why Roger brings a valuable perspective to an evolving industry. From a successful company Driver to becoming an owner-operator amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Roger's been making waves and taking names. Go Jays!


Meet Charlie and Marilyn! A mutual friend introduced them, and they quickly became a team in life and later Team Drivers for Bison, for almost 9 years! They even got a pup to join their team!


From India to Australia to Canada where these two met in the Bison training room. Fast forward 4 years and they're a dynamic duo conquering the roads with style.


Shannon and her two dogs haul essential goods across North America. According to Shannon she has "the greatest job in the world." As one of our newest In-cab Instructors, she's ready to support other women join the Bison fleet.


Matt is a newcomer to the industry following the footsteps of his grandfather. His passion for driving mixed with his optimism for life are sure to lead him on a long journey.


Spend a minute talking to Mario and you'll quickly learn that he doesn't just drive for the paycheck. He drives to give back. "We share the road, but we also share life."


Meet Darrell and Kylie! With their kids all grownup, they decided to leave New Zealand for Canada, hoping to see as much of North America as possible while getting paid at the same time. They enjoy their resets in little towns you might otherwise pass by and have found some gems!


Julie's been driving truck since 1987 - back when it wasn't very common to see a woman behind the wheel but that didn't stop her. Fast forward a few decades and Julie is one of our extremely talented In-cab Instructors. Her advice to women considering a career as a professional Driver? "Go for it!"


Driving one of the most scenic routes in the world gives Jeff the opportunity to see some amazing sites but it also means encountering unfavourable road conditions for him and those he shares the road with. Learn how he was honoured with a Highway Angel designation from the TCA from one of his encounters.


Meet Ben! Ben got his class 1 at 18 years old and in just a few years became an Owner-Operator. Learn how his love for driving took him from driving shunt in the yard to behind the wheel of his own truck.


Richard fell in love with driving the moment he got behind the wheel.  That passion has led him to write a book featuring the true trucking stories that inevitably come with a long driving career.  


Meet Tony! Once an elementary school teacher and now a long-haul Driver and In-cab Instructor. What a change of pace. He loves his time alone on the road, which also allows him to write plays! Yup, plays!


A passion for driving that began on a farm in India continues to a beautiful stretch of highway filled with Rocky Mountain views.  With the whole Bison team behind them, Harinder and Rajinder have found their perfect work life balance while achieving financial security. 


Meet Paul! Paul is a Company Truck Share Driver and he enjoys his position because when he is home he can plan his week with his family. His love of driving doesn't stop with his Bison truck. When he is at home he enjoys the adrenaline rush of off-roading with his Jeep! Watch Paul's video as he talks about his journey.


Meet Neil! Neil is a Company Truck Share Driver. He was looking for more home time, so that he could spend time with his grandkids. Bison matched Neil up with another Truck Share Driver, Paul, and together they take turns on the road using the same truck, after it is cleaned up and sanitized. Watch Neil's video as he talks about his journey.


Meet Bruno! Bruno recently became a TCA Highway Angel for his heroic efforts while out on the road. Watch Bruno's video to hear about his journey and how he is leading the charge! 


Meet Harjit! As a young child his father gifted him an Indian-style truck to play with. Since then it was his dream to become a truck driver. With his uncle’s help, he made his way to Canada to peruse his dream. Watch Harjit's video as he talks about his journey.


Meet Haven! Her average day consisted of driving the 401 highway to get to work every day and she wanted to see more. Then COVID hit and did not even commute anymore. It was her keyboard that she needed to get away from. That’s when she made the change to driving truck. Watch Haven’s video as she talks about her journey into trucking with Bison’s Driver Finishing Program and her experiences along the way.
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$2,500 sign-on bonus available for experienced Cross-Border Drivers & Owner-Operators!


Looking to Drive with Bison? What kind of position are you looking for?