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Linda Young

Linda Young

is the Vice-President of Human Resources and People Development for Bison Transport and is responsible for human resource programs and services for Drivers and non-drivers (recruitment, employee benefits, performance management and training). She is currently a member of the Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba (HRMAM), the Human Resource Committees of the Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) and Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) and the Red River College Business Administration Advisory Committee. Linda is an avid swimmer and although she has officially retired from her Masters swimming (including swim competitions), she continues to make waves! Linda and Shawn have been married since 1981 and have two grown children, Robyn and Carter.

Erin Sawatsky

Erin Sawatsky

is the HR Manager at Bison Transport. She has been with Bison since May, 2009 and currently manages the Human Resource Program for Winnipeg and Mississauga regions. This includes the Recruitment & Selection process, Benefits and Disability Management, Employee Relations, Reward & Recognition programs, Compensation, HRIS and Wellness. Outside of Bison, Erin enjoys playing sports, traveling and spending time with her husband and two busy little boys.


Norm Sneyd

is Vice President, Business Development, for Bison Transport in Mississauga Ontario. He joined Bison in 2008. Norm is well known in the industry and has sat on a number of boards, and various committees and panels relating to the trucking industry. He currently sits on the board of the Ontario Trucking Association, as well as Trucks For Change. Outside of work, Norm enjoys home renovations, travelling and spending time with his wife, kids and three grandchildren.

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Naomi Henry

is the Driver Services Manager at Bison Transport. She oversees our programs for current Drivers, as well as our recruiting department for the onboarding of new drivers to our Bison family. Naomi has been in the transportation industry for 16 years; 11 of those years with Bison holding roles in various areas of operations, driver services and driver recruitment. When Naomi is not working, she is shopping for shoes to add to her collection and spending time with her husband Jared and kids Olivia, Connor and Tristan. Her family keeps her busy with all of the extra-curricular activities but when she finds time to relax, Naomi enjoys fun with her family, playtime with her dogs, Hunter and Mossy, and regular visits from her parents who live in Grafton, North Dakota.

Dave Fulawka

is the Director of Network Analytics and Development at Bison Transport. His Analytics group is developing platforms, store houses for best practices and proven procedures, and using them to enhance top and bottom line. Outside work, Dave is an avid student of the game of soccer. He has coached at many levels over the last 14 years and in 2010, he was declared coach of the year by his district.

Stephanie Fensom

is the Manager, Safety & Compliance. Having grown up in a trucking family and being married to a professional Driver, Stephanie has a solid understanding of the life and challenges faced on the road. Outside of Bison, Stephanie shuttles her son between extra-curricular activities and enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband Kevin and son Kane.

Rob Penner

is the President & Chief Executive Officer for Bison Transport. Rob began his career in the transportation industry in 1984 as a professional Driver, and joined Bison Transport in 1991, moving through all aspects of Operations. Outside of Bison, Rob loves the great outdoors and enjoys spending weekends at the lake with his family. He is also known to make guest appearances on the Bison Trailblazers ball team.

Jeff Pries

is Senior Vice President and is responsible for the ongoing business development needs of Bison Transport. Jeff provides leadership in all areas of sales, revenue generation, marketing, strategy, branding, network analytics, and team building throughout the organization, including its related companies. Jeff loves spending time with his family; wife Lyriece, and children, Spencer, Megan, and Corey. Occasionally, he finds time to do activities he enjoys such as golfing, swimming, running, and handyman projects.

Glenn Schultz

is an Owner Operator and has been driving with Bison since 1998. Glenn is an exercise and health enthusiast and loves to run, bike, swim and fish. He regularly competes in biking and running marathons in Canada and the US. He also likes working on vehicles and camping in his spare time. Glenn is married to his best friend Connie and has 2 stepdaughters, a granddaughter and a grandson.

Mike Ludwick

is the Senior Vice President. He has overall responsibility for IT, Safety and Driver Development and Corporate Services (including Customs, Licensing and Fuel). He is also involved with Britton Transport, Bison's US Company. Outside of Bison, Mike is an avid runner and he enjoys the fun of a good race. He loves cottage life and spending weekends at the lake with his wife Kristin.

Eric Roeder

is a Driver Development instructor with Bison Transport and is a passionate transportation, driving and trucking safety expert. He has been with Bison since 2004 and is responsible for writing and developing programs, manuals, safety courses and online training programs. His courses are realistic and adhere to the philosophy that it is important not only to explain how, but also why. Eric has helped several companies reach award-winning levels, both in safety and logistics.

Jimmy MacNeill

is the Manager of Highway Fleet Operations at Bison. Jimmy has worked in all areas of operations at Bison from city operations to planning to fleet management, and he now leads the western operations team based out of Calgary. Outside of Bison, Jimmy is actively involved in sports, including hockey, football, CrossFit, and golf. Jimmy and his best friend Shanna, plan to travel the world together one vacation at a time.

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