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Thank you for reading The Transporter, a blog published by Bison Transport to deliver inspiration and information to you about the trucking industry in North America.

Bison Transport is one of the largest carriers in Canada and we provide a menu of transportation services to companies across North America. We currently operate 1400 tractors, 4000 trailers and have over 2700 talented people in the Bison family. From our professional Drivers, to dispatchers, technicians, recruiters, customer service reps and summer students, we all have stories to tell and expertise to share -and that is where The Transporter comes in.


What is the purpose of The Transporter and who should read it:

The Transporter is designed to inspire and inform readers that work with Bison and also those in the trucking industry. If you have any interest in trucking and transportation, we are confident that you will enjoy investing your time in reading our blog. We hope you have a lot of fun and learn along the way.


Request for readers:

Bison Transport is a professional industry leader. We treat our staff, customers, suppliers and the community at large with respect, and we expect the same from our readers. We will review comments prior to posting them on our blog. We won’t remove comments just because they don’t share our perspective; in fact, we hope that we have a lot of lively debate on this blog site. However, we won’t approve responses with any personal attacks, profanity, defamatory or libelous comments or any comments that may violate copyright or intellectual property rights.

We also request that you keep your comments on topic. Life is short and we want to ensure that our readers read what they are expecting to read. Our contributors are all actively working to wow our customers, but, they will respond to your comments in a timely fashion.


Do you need help?

If you are a customer or an employee in need of help from Bison, please contact 1-800-GO-BISON or customer@bisontransport.com.

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